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Why use a CCIM ?


The Advantages of Working with a CCIM

Selecting a commercial real estate professional for a brokerage or consulting assignment is a serious decision for business owners, users and investors of commercial real estate. Some professionals are hired based on reputation or company affiliation. Some professionals stand apart from the rest because they are hired for their superior service and sophisticated knowledge of the industry. These professionals are known as Certified Commercial Investment Members or CCIMs.

More than ever companies are retaining the services of real estate experts with the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation. Three key factors make the CCIM professional a model business partner in today’s dynamic, ever-complex commercial real estate arena: the finest education in the industry; a growing network of 7,500 brokers and other practitioners in more than 1,000 markets across the U.S. and overseas; and, an unparalleled suite of online resources available to members ONLY. They have the ability to market properties for sale or lease while providing clients with reliable, insightful property or market information from anywhere in the world. 

The CCIM program is widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging and comprehensive in commercial real estate. The CCIM education program represents the core knowledge critical to any commercial investment real estate success. The curriculum focuses on four skill sets critical to any real estate professional: financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis and investment analysis. These topics, the cornerstones of investing in commercial properties, are refined regularly to keep pace with industry and market changes. All classes are taught by practicing CCIM professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom.

CCIM is the largest comprehensive network of professionals in the world. There are countless benefits of working with CCIM professionals. Their experience, sophisticated knowledge of the industry, and networking capabilities are just a few of the advantages of working with a CCIM. No one should make a commercial real estate decision without one.
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